Real Estate Seller Leads in Palm Springs, CA

Listing Leads in Palm Springs for Agents, Teams & Brokers

Are you a real estate professional in Palm Springs looking for motivated seller leads? California Deal Flow connects you with listing leads, real people who are interested in selling their home with a local real estate agent.

Pay at Closing Seller Leads in Palm Springs

Receive seller leads free and only pay when you close the deal. The referral fee is 50%. Our proven automated conversion system works your leads and helps you connect with motivated sellers.

What You Get

  • High quality seller leads.
  • Leads are exclusive to you and not shared with others.
  • Easy-to-use CRM that helps you connect with more clients and close more deals.


  • Licensed real estate agent or broker in California.
  • Respond to leads quickly and professionally.
  • Follow instructions and rules for using our system.

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